Chronicles of Zee stepping into Hereford's Live Music Scene


Hereford is a cathedral city, civil parish and county town of Herefordshire, England. It lies on the River Wye, approximately 16 miles east of the border with Wales, 24 miles southwest of Worcester, and 23 miles northwest of Gloucester.
Travelling from Wolverhampton was a bit of a jaunt considering the M5 roadworks along with speed restrictions apart from that it wasn’t at all laborious a journey.
Located in the baling, upmarket, town centre filled with a clutch of hot spots from party clubs, as well as intimate bars & restaurants to suit all tastes, Chronicles of Zee had finally arrived at the Hogarth’s of Hereford live music venue.
The venue was instantly impressive from the outside what with its distinctive classy signboard and Victorian-style building. As we unloaded and began setting up the crowd looked keen, impatient but somehow seemed like we had missed an earlier event.
Judging from some of the people standing by and around the bar area, we realised there was an earlier screening of football which from the looks of it left a pretty mixed crowd of football supporters, regular punters and live music enthusiasts.  We soon finished setting up all the equipment and stage lights and proceeded to get some drinks before starting. 
We started the set with the usual Fly Away by Lenny Kravitz cover,  as there was no need to change up the set-list considering this was a new spot. As we progressed the crowd became warm, even warmer after our rendition of Come Together by the Beatles. Before long we had their attention. We finished the 1st set on a high with our usual 1st set outro of Fire By Jimi Hendrix much to the crowd's delight.
We quickly rushed off for a bit of fresh air (during the break) when we discovered how great a little venue Hogarth’s was, boasting a fabulous Beer Garden were you walked under tunnels and followed signs to some great Gin selections!
Not only that but the variety of cocktails on offer along with food platters and a great atmosphere inside and out just gave the true impression this was one of the best places to be in Hereford. We proceeded to the 2nd set opening with a funky number by Doobie Brothers i.e. Long Train Runnin much to the retained crowd’s delight and had them on their feet for what must have been over an hour!
The place was absolutely buzzing the crowd where dancing, people poured into the venue as if that was the last place opened for the night, especially during the reggae segment when we dropped tunes like Jammin Master blaster by Steve Wonder, Could You Be Loved by Bob Marley into some Jackson Five and David Bowie's Lets Dance and topped off with some more Stevie Wonder - Superstition and finished with our banging outro Are Gonna go My Way by Lenny Kravitz!  We finished with a pub classic by Kings of Leon in what was a smasher of a set!
We should have finished earlier but the encore felt endless and had to simply stop, much to the crowd's disappointment.
What a fantastic venue Hogarth's  of Hereford is something we are certainly looking forward to playing there again on Friday 13th of Dec 2019

If you fancy catching Chronicles of Zee in Hereford make note of the gig date above and follow or like our Facebook page for more news and gig information.


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