We are a classic & modern covers band mixing up Funk, Rock, Soul and a dash of Reggae, (along with our some of our own material)  for an all-out live music binge! We come hard, tight locked and loaded with crowd pleasers and bangers - straight out of Wolverhampton United Kingdom.


Formed in 2012, our own original music is a creative fusion influenced by Pop Rock Funk, Soul, RnB, Blues, and Reggae  Our lyrics come from personal experiences and from the imagination, in a way that captures an emotion, with the quality of mass appeal.



Chronicles of Zee came to life in 2009, as an acoustic duo as Seb Barnes and Des Chirikeni shared a love for all things loud, melodic and musical. They wrote and performed on the open mic circuit before forming a four-piece, now 3, consisting of Leon Brown on drums. (C.O.Z) shared have shared stages with very talented musicians, bands and venues across the Midlands including The Jam House, (Robert Plant's local hang out) music venue Worleys The Swan in Stourport  and London’s Jazz Cafe supporting Lee John from the funk soul band Imagination.


INSTRUMENT: Lead Voical (Frontman)

HOMETOWN: Wolverhampton United Kingdom 

EQUIPEMENT: TC Helecon/Mic, Sure MIC, Goliath Chrome Mic Stand (heavy base) Fender Leads, BOSS VE-Vocal Pedal & TC-Helicon Harmony Singer Vocal Harmony/Reverb Pedal

INFLUENCES: Delani Makhalima, Mark Turnbull, Wanya & Nathan Morris, Jon Secada, Aaron Hall, Brian Mcnight James Brown Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Eric Barnet K.C (of Jodeci) Seal, Lenny Kravitz, Prodigy, Tempa Trap


INSTRUMENT:  Acoustic and Electric Guitar (Guitarist)

HOMETOWN: Wolverhampton United Kingdom 

EQUIPMENT: Fender Strat Hi Watt Amp Marshall 4 x 12 Cab Boss overdrive Digitec Metal Digitec Flange Boss tuner Digitec Phazer

INFLUENCES: Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Carlos Santana, Dennis Brown Buju Banton,  Shabba Ranks, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Aretha Franklin, BB King, Muddy Waters,  Robert Cray etc.

                                                                                  LEON BROWN

                                                                      INSTRUMENT: Drums (Drummer)

                                                                       HOME TOWN: Wolverhampton

                                                           SOCIAL: Facebook + Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

                                        INFLUENCES: Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, Kirk Franklin, Hezekih Walker, Fred                                               Hammond, Jodeci, Aaron Spears, Billy Cobham, Roy Haynes, Gary Powell.

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